8-15 pages | mkt570 | Saint Leo University

 Write a report about the Ready Player One book. This novel is basically a huge gamification, and your assignment is to provide a detailed analysis. Here are the key points you need to address. 

1. A brief summary of the plot (no more than 250 words). 

2. What are James Halliday’s goals? Why did he choose a gamification approach? Provide a ranking of his goals in terms of importance. 

3. The gamification that Halliday uses is a very complex system of subgames and intermediate steps. Create a decision tree diagram linking the lower-level to higher-level steps. Your diagram should clearly display all necessary activities one has to complete to win the game, as well as the correct order. 

4. For each one of the games the players have to play, outline: a. The structure of the game (single versus team play, game against an opponent who is human versus a simulation, game against a standard that needs to be met, etc.) b. The reward/point system of each game. c. The information structure. How does each player get information/feedback while playing the game?  d. Leaderboard structure: How is the information about the players’ progress transmitted and communicated to all participating players? e. Eligibility rules. Who is allowed to participate in the game? Are there any restrictive rules? 

5. In your conclusion, provide some ideas as to which games/subgames or any other aspects from the book one could use for business gamification applications in marketing, and why. 


The Project has a length requirement of 8-15 pages (not including cover page, abstract, references, and appendices)

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