6-2 case study: managing earned value (ev) -project management class | seminar in project managment | Southern New Hampshire University

 Overview: Many project managers employ an earned value system to monitor their projects. In Project Management: The Managerial Process, Larson and Gray (2017) define the earned value of a project as “the percent complete times its original budget. Stated differently, EV is the percent of the original budget that has been earned by actual work completed” Earned value analysis determines if you are getting value for the work completed and the money spent during a specific time frame. 

Prompt: Analyze the case study Ariba Implementation at Med-X: Managing Earned Value (this case study can be located in your custom Textbook/Case Study bundle). Using earned value analysis, you will determine why the company’s e-procurement implementation project is not going according to plan. Once a cause has been discovered, you will make a recommendation to fix the problem. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

 Cost: Give an estimate of the cost of the project.  Time: Give an estimate regarding how long the project will take.  Cause: Based on your analysis, give an explanation as to why the company’s project is not going according to plan. What is wrong with the project?  Support your explanation with evidence from your analysis.  Recommendations: What action(s) do you recommend to address the cause of the problem? Support your recommendations with evidence from your analysis.  Application: How do you foresee using earned value metrics on your own projects currently or in the future? 

The EV assignment is based off the following case study: (I’ll post the link for this soon; I can’t find it and apparently none of my classmates can either).

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