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Can you think of more examples of tropes or motifs that recur in stories?

Post your example of a motif or trope that recurs in at least 2 different stories you’re familiar with. Be sure to clearly explain the features that make your example an identifiable motif, and note the two stories in which you find this motif.

Title your post descriptively, identifying the motif you discuss.

BUT before you post, you must read through the post titles to see your classmates’ examples, and make sure you give a new one that no one has mentioned yet.


For a motif someone has already posted, you can hit “Reply” on your classmate’s post and add two more examples of stories in which that motif appears.

(HINT HINT — if you’re having trouble thinking of a motif on your own, we’ve just learned about a massive catalog of motifs and the stories that feature them, so one option would be to consult the ATU index.)


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